Thursday, July 21, 2011

How far should my nest be off the floor?
By nature, hens like dark out of the way places for laying eggs. The nest you provide can encourage them to lay where you can get at the eggs for collection. Nest boxes for HEAVY breeds should be approximately 14" wide by 14" high by 12" deep. Allow one nest for every 4 to 5 hens. Nests should be 18 to 20 inches off he ground.
Did you know you can test an egg and get an approximation of its age? All you need are the eggs and a bowl of cold water.
Gently drop the egg into the bowl of water.   If it:
  • sinks to the bottom and stays there,  it is about three to six days old.
  • Sinks, but floats at an angle, it's more than a week old.
  • Sinks, but then stands on end, it's about two weeks old.
  • Floats, it's too old and should be discarded.